It is a God given right that children be loved, unfortunately there are children that suffer though their childhoods experiencing abuse. There are different kinds of child abuse, it can be physical, emotional or mental or sexual. Any kind of abuse may and probably will have very drastic effects on the abused child and they will need special attention and support from those who care and love them.

Physical abuse involves abuse in a physical capacity. This involves causing a child physical abuse or refraining from giving them the food or other nutrients that they need in order to be healthy. Emotional abuse on the other side is a type of abuse that effects a child’s emotions, this can include saying things that lowers the child’s self worth. The third type of child abuse is sexual abuse and it is one of the worst kinds of abuse because it is so evasive.

There are several causes of child abuse, just like any other kind of abuse. The biggest cause is mental illness as well as other psychology problems. Many people who suffer from mental illness often cause children harm even if they are unaware of themselves doing it. A lot of the time problems at home or within a family are stressors for child abuse. Parents or guardians that have trouble abusing drugs often and easily cause harm to their children, as well as parents that have money troubles.

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